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    Die Frage ist: Welcher Hersteller hat diese Zulassung nach dieser Richtlinie, und wie erkennt man das?

    A few practical tip about EU-conform gas-alarm guns.

    As more and more EU member state implement the 69/2019 EU Richtlinie, the Turkish, Czech and Italian manufacturers manufacture their guns such way.

    - If you import the non-PTB but EU-conform gas-alarm guns from Czech Republic, there will be a C-1 category designation near the Czech CIP-N proofmark.

    - The Zoraki now sells their guns without the PTB sign, BUT with the "PTB" letter on the box's white vignette. (Identical with the ones on the German market)

    - The Kuzey and Ekol models which are newly manufactured have enormously long letter row before the numbers in their serial number.

    Non-EU-conform looked like this: EVI3-1700763, NOW, the EU-conform serial number: EVZXIZBRDMFSO2YZ-2100654

    - Bruni: the "2021 Letter NUMBER " format serial numbered guns are generally EU-conform

    I hope it helps a little.

    Beautiful Gabor VASS ,

    I look forward that our Government finally change the Law for EU Rules and free the Hungary Beauties for the German Market. 😊

    The German gun law is already modified. If a gas-alarm gun is conform with the EU 69/2019, that is legal in Germany.

    However, in Hungary the conformity with the EU-directive is only mandatory from 2023.01.01., so AFTER that it have to be sold with modified barrel, and THAN you can buy them.…-eu-schreckschusspistole/…h/thema-der-woche-teil-2/

    Little bit ugly, but it is the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST 6-shooter 9 mm Gasrevolver, ever.

    9 mm PAK, 250 gramm(!), aluminium frame and cylinder, steel trigger&hammer, DAO.

    (Keserű Bonnie, NON-PTB)

    thanks, that's interesting to know. but only from 2023? that's still a lot of time

    The Hungarian manufacturers/importers and shops need time for the transition. We claimed 3-5 years, but we left with only two.

    From 2023 you can sell/buy free new gas-alarm guns only with this proofmark, and the non-compliant new ones will be subject to registration (Category C1).

    The first ones arrived to Hungary:-)

    And I had some fun:

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    Keserű-EVOLVENS MXM 38 mm Plastic (not rubber) Bullet/9 mm R Knall single shot non-lethal "home defence WTF".:-)))

    More on this in German:

    Diese in Ungarn frei erwerbliche Home Defense Pistole schießt Gummigeschosse mit 160 Joule

    Some more background info:
    - it was developed and made by Evolvens (, which is a Hungarian microbrand watch manufacturer, Keserű is involved only because of legal reasons and final assembly.
    - yes, M4 airsoft plastic grip
    - legally it is not a gas-alarm gun, but a single shot "muzzleloader"
    - it is a little bit "rustic", but it is only cca. 200 euros in Hungary
    - the plastic bullet is reusable, but costs 1,5 euros/piece
    - the trigger is more of a semicocked DAO, than real single action

    I think the 7.2 b is NOT even a Firearm, so the Vollautoverbot is not valid at all. (However, I am just a foreigner, and don't know what will be the final accepted stance in Germany. But practically I wrote this part of the new Hungarian gun law, and it is clear here: the 2019/69 conform devices are not firearms at all.)

    2019/69: "Member States shall ensure that, in order not to be considered a firearm under Directive 91/477/EEC, devices with a cartridge holder which are designed to fire only blanks, irritants, other active substances or pyrotechnic signalling rounds are required to comply at all times with the technical specifications set out in the Annex to this Directive."

    Schreckschuss-,Reizstoff- und Signalwaffen,
    a)die der zugelassenen Bauart nach § 8 des Beschussgesetzes entsprechen und das Zulassungszeichen nach Anlage 1 Abbildung 2 zur Ersten Verordnung zum Waffengesetz vom 24. Mai 1976 (BGBl. I S. 1285) in der zum Zeitpunkt des Inkrafttretens dieses Gesetzes geltenden Fassung oder ein durch Rechtsverordnung nach § 25 Nummer 1 bestimmtes Zeichen tragen oder
    b)die den Rechtsvorschriften eines anderen Mitgliedstaates entsprechen, die dieser der Europäischen Kommission nach Artikel 4 Absatz 2 der Durchführungsrichtlinie (EU) 2019/69 der Kommission vom 16. Januar 2019 zur Festlegung technischer Spezifikationen für Schreckschuss- und Signalwaffen gemäß der Richtlinie 91/477/EWG des Rates über die Kontrolle des Erwerbs und des Besitzes von Waffen als Maßnahme zur Umsetzung dieser Durchführungsrichtlinie mitgeteilt hat;

    Vollautomatische SRS Waffen sind in Deutschland nach wie vor absolut verboten!

    I think it is a false statement.

    From yesterday everything is a legal gas-alarm gun in Germany IF:

    1, have PTB-sign (no matter it is conform with 69/2019 or not)
    2, have not PTB-sign, BUT conform with 69/2019.

    And there is NO limitation on full auto in the 69/2019. Therefore it is legal to have full auto gas-alarm gun in Germany NOW, IF that gun is conform with the 69/2019.

    Laut Tactical Dad entfällt tatsächlich ab Morgen die Zulassungspflicht für Schreckschusswaffen!
    Trotzdem habe ich mich mal näher damit befasst und für Deutschland wird sich wohl außer dem PTB Zeichen nichts ändern, wenn man sich mal (EU) 2019/69 näher ansieht, wird man schnell feststellen das man hier ganz schnell in die Illegalität rutschen kann!
    Und diese Richtlinie ist zwingend notwendig um anschließend eine Legale Schreckschusswaffe zu besitzen, ich wäre also noch sehr vorsichtig und würde erst einmal nichts aus dem Ausland kaufen!

    FYI: the 2019/69 in Hungary will be in effect only from 01.01.2023.
    (Which guns are NOT, will go into new C1, subject to registration category, but not retroactively.)

    However within the next 3-5 years all EU-countries should implement this directive into national law system. Until then it is a risk for a German to order gas-alarm guns from abroad.
    If you can check it personally, that should be OK to buy and import with you.