ME 69 mod. Springfield Black

  • Hi,
    Does any of you know how much this pistol cost brand new? and how much it would cost used?

    Manufacturer: ME Sportwaffen
    Type: ME 69 Springfield
    Place of origin: Germany
    Character: self-primer
    Caliber : 9 mm PAK
    Capacity: 8
    Baking mode: SA / DA
    Weight: 965g
    Length: 175 mm
    Width: -
    Height: -
    Material: Spider, Steel
    PTB: 679, 834, 877

    Just the firewall steel. It can be worn safely when filled with tubing, stripped and secured.

  • Hi the Regular Price was in the 90´s; black 279.- DMark, in nickel plated 349.-DMark and Nickel plated with wood grips 429.- DMark.

    But today the used price was on egun 40-80 Euros, sometimes for the nickel plated modell 100 Euro but not more, the gun was not so good.


  • Good to know that because doing my research I saw the para but I thought it was different.
    By the way do you know if a license is required to have this pistol?
    And do you know whats the name of the ammunition it use?

  • Yes it was a blank gun with blank Armunation, you can used it for Flare Pyros or fire signals products.

    In this Video you can see it.

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