Qualifications in Air-pistol

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  • Hallo, I am Sergei Bogolepov, MD 70 y/o beginner from Nowosibirsk, Russia. Do you have standards for 4,5 mm Airpistol like in USA NRA "Marksman" , "Expert" and so on. If "yes" , what are they look like? Ich verstehe auch etwa Deutsch. Danke im voraus ))

  • Hi Sergei,

    and welcome here. Unfortunately there are no classifications like Marksman, Expert and so on in Germany, because Airpistol is shot here in competitions mostly according to the rules of the german shooting federation DSB, and they use the international ISSF rules strictly 1:1. Which means, that there is only one class for all men and one for all women between 20 and 45 years, with no differences in between. There are only a few big bore pistol competitions from other german shooting federations like the BDMP, where you can qualify as marksman, expert and so on, but not for airpistols.

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