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    Ein aufgebohrter UX Tornado. Also so richtig neu kann man das auch nicht nennen. Aber trotzdem eine nette Idee, da muss nur der Preis stimmen. Was das Gerät mit 7,5J noch macht ist allerdings fraglich...

    I've checked Hungarian gun laws and it is legally not an airgun, but a paintball marker, and it is legal up to 15 joules:-)

    Sounds interesting, 11 joule is not too much with rubber bullets, but with pepperball can be effective.

    No price info yet:-(

    Meanwhile in Czech Republic:

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    (German language reportage)

    Very interesting thread.

    For me, the reliability, the prompt readiness and total safety are the the most important in a selfdefence gas-alarm gun. And it also should be easy to carry and light,

    Therefore the semiauto pistols with today's ammo are probably not the best choice.

    I would prefer a slim DAO derringer, 2- or preferably 4-shot.

    Like this one ( it is 2-shot DAO black powder .45 steel-aluminium, from Czech republic):

    (it is smaller and lighter than a PPK).

    Yes, the SUBCompact Aras is a one-of-a-kind custom made gun. Both grip and magazine were modified, and the hammer was also reshaped.

    Ther result is smaller and slimmer than a Zoraki 914, with 12 plus 1 capacity and decocker.

    This test is a total bullshit. The conclusion also bullshit.

    "dass allein der Gasdruck aus einer Schreckschusswaffe tödliche Verletzungen hervorrufen kann"


    This test proved again: the legal gas-alarm guns are almost totally safe, even when fired from 10 centimers, no serious injury will hapen. Little dark coloration and small burns, nothing else.

    If you are in contact distance, these devices CAN be lethal, IF you use them as a heavy metal hammer and break the skull.

    Hungarian proofmarks can be used as:
    a, Hungarian.made (MFS/Ruag (Sirok))
    b, some other manufacturer bougth the right to use this CIP proofmark for an ammunition product (Pobjeda in Gorazsde (BiH) or some Turkish manufacturers, for example).

    This is probably made in Hungary/Sirok by RUAG.

    And this is made in Bosnia, same Hungarian proofmark:

    The Retay G19C or G17 models are moch more faithful replicas of the real glock. Their internal mechanism is partly worse, partly better than the Zoraki 917.
    The barrel is steel like on a Rohm RG96, but there is no steel in the hammer. The Retay is single action only, but there is a working trigger safety, the Z917 is double action, but no safe way to carry chambered.

    The Retay is little bit less expensive here. with cca 10%.

    No clear winner:-) None of them are perfect at all.

    I think an airbow pistol with arrows at E0=68 joule is not the best idea. It will be more lethal than a .22 LR, with all the legal consequences, but the stopping power is at least doubtful. And giving it for anyone for carry without any control? hmmm, disaster (total ban) waiting for hapen.

    Why don't they use a blunt traumatic bullet with the same 68 joules as non lethal traumatic weapon? That would make more sense.

    And from our experiences with rubber bullet shooter guns in Hungary, 60 joules is more than enough for stopping an attacker.

    (Human test videosare not allowed here:-(()

    Sorry Feri,
    but it is FALSE info.

    1. Czech Republic is already shall-issue, normal citizen (after exams, strict licencing procedure) will get the carry licence for a real handgun.
    2. Hungary and Poland is NON-issue, ZERO chance for carry licence for real gun. Only politicans and their extremely rich friends will get the CCW. Less than 10.000 legal handguns in the country (both sport and selfdefence included. NO market here.)

    It will never change in Hungary. Our commie police and interior ministry even wanted to ban all semiauto centerfire handguns and long guns in 2017 February.

    3. Zoraki 906 is never made in real "9 mm" (Luger), and that would be impossible, too.
    .380 ACP theoretically possible.

    The Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian (etc) market is all about rubber bullet only, traumatic pistols, and almost all Zoraki guns are made for those cartridges.
    Legally those are "scharf" in Germany, but not real guns in conventional sense of words.