Umarex Legends M3 Grease Gun

  • Angekündigt bereits für den späten Sommer 2021 in den USA . . .

    Wäre es schön, sie auch hier zu finden :thumbup:


    08.07.2022 The Umarex® Legends Line is now rocking the legendary M3 Grease Gun. The Legends M3 Grease Gun from Umarex Airguns is based on the M3A1 variation used from 1944 and beyond. Underneath the dust cover resides the bolt and its cut-away thumb charging slot. This blowback action Airgun does fire from the open bolt just like the M3 firearms did. Noteworthy features include the collapsible wire stock, drop-free 60 round magazine, fixed peep style sights, and a 1,050 BB per minute rate of fire. Like other Legends SMGs, the M3 Grease Gun is powered by (2) 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Expect to shoot approximately 120 BBs (two magazines) for each full CO2 charge. Some features of the Ms Grease Gun: Shoots .177 Caliber Steel BBs Semi or Fully Automatic Operation 60 Round Drop Free Magazine (2) 12 Gram CO2 Power Source Flip Open Dust Cover "Thumb" Cut-Away Charging Slot on Bolt Three Position Manual Safety Collapsible Wire Stock Peep Style Iron Sights Rate of Fire 1,050 BBs Per Minute 460 FPS For more information or to get one for yourself:

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  • Bei uns höchstens als Einzelfeuer Version.

    Die CO2 Ausführung schießt ja annähernd dreimal so schnell wie das Vorbild im Kaliber .45 ACP.