wasp uniphoxx rückruf

  • Product Recall – Uniphoxx FrameColours – Black, Satin Black, RS Blue, Satin Blue & Camo Brown.Date of Sale – 15th May 2020 to 12th June 2020Dear Customer,We are aware of a potential issue in a small batch of Uniphoxx Frames manufactured in early May 2020. These frames were supplied into WASP from our manufacturer on the 15th of May.If the frame that you purchased from WASP meets the description above we ask that you stop using the frame with immediate effect. Only frames that meet the above description are of concern.If you ordered a plain black, blue or brown frame we can, if you agree replace your frame with a clear ice Uniphoxx frame or a refund for the frame.If you could reply to this email & let us know your preference we will get either your replacement or refund completed as soon as possible.We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue.Yours SincerelyN. LaneWASP Slingshots.

  • Oha. Habe ja Schwarz und Camo (braun?)... Noch unbenutzt.
    Wurden in dem Zeitraum gekauft.
    Bisher wurde nur die giftgrüne benutzt.

  • Ich würde mich kümmern.

    Das geht gar nicht.

    "Diplomatie ist, jemanden so zur Hölle zu schicken, dass er sich auf die Reise freut."