Pistole 9mm: FEG PA63

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  • Pistole 9mm: FEG PA63

    The pistol in question is an hungarian gun that is a real firearm but has been converted into a blank gun. The FEG PA-63 has served with the hungarian police and military and was the hungarian armys official sidearm from 1963 to 1996 when it was replaced by the FEG P9RC.


    The pistol is a slight copy of the german made Walther PP with some modifacations. Althou the grip is more comfortable with its "rounded back" at the frame, and the thumbrest makes it real nice to hold. Maybe not for shooters that are left handed....
    It has a nice blued frame with silver colored frame (due to its metal its made of).
    See pictures below.

    Left side

    Right side

    The hammer is of unuasual design but pretty cool

    The barrel with grooves (former caliber: 9x18mm)

    The inside of the barrel

    Barrel in front

    Right side stamping in barrel

    The gun is easy to use and has an decocker placed on the left side of the gun, field stripping is as you fieldstrip any other PP model, just push down the trigger guard and pull the slide all the way back and lift it off.
    As i mentioned earlier it has a real nice grip and you get a sturdy hold of it.
    The single action pull is very smooth and gentle while the double action pull is much heavier of any other blank gun i have fired.
    It weights not as much as the frame is made of titanium-aluminium wich makes it very beautiful with the silver color. The rest of the gun is made of solid steel as for the grips is plastic.

    The PA-63 fieldstripped

    As i said the hammer is of unusual desing but quite effective and nice looking, very slim

    The chamber

    The firing pin (hammer strikes from the right)

    More like a square than the classic round, (because of the different hammer)

    The magazine takes 7 rounds in caliber 9mm P.A.K and are also made of steel (exept the bottom).
    When the magazine is empty the slide locks open with help of the magazine, when magazine is taken out of the gun you unlock the slide by just pulling it back more.

    Magazine lip to the left that helps lock the slide


    The FEG PA-63 is an exelent pistol that is a real collectors piece for a real good price (141,40 Euro).
    Since this gun has been a real firearm it has no cup that can by screwed on in the end of the barrel,
    and the sad news for you people who live in germany, it has no PTB number.


    Model : FEG PA-63 hungarian pistol
    Typ : Semiautomatic with double action trigger system
    Caliber : 9mm P.A.K
    Mag. capacity : 7-rounds
    Safety : Left mounted decocker
    Barrel length : 100mm
    Length : 175mm
    Height : 120mm (with magazine)
    Weight : *no data*
    PTB : *none*
    This guns serialnr: L 013423

    I also want to send many thanks to Gabor Vass who made the purchase of this gun possible! :huldige:

    Best regards/// Daniel
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