Cobra R9/RX (Adder) / Sammel-Thread

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      Hier noch ein weiterer, der das ebenfalls schon vor Jahren bei YT eingestellt / gezeugt hat:

      Stuart Palmer
      Am 13.06.2009 veröffentlicht
      10 shot tactical home made crossbow. standard cobra pistol cross bow with 10 shot mag laser rifled stock and foregrip . i made this and everyone who has had a go loves it

      part 2 prototype pump-action tactical crossbow
      Am 18.06.2009 veröffentlicht
      firing the xobra crossbow i started to feel chuffed with this thing i made the next ones will be even better

      Part 1 Prototype tactical pump-action crossbow.
      Am 18.06.2009 veröffentlicht
      I made this after seeing the Chu-Ko-Nu but thought an automatic crossbow wasn't tactical enough. So, I made a semi-automatic version by modifying a standard cobra pistol crossbow, giving it an 11 shot magazine and a laser sight and rifled stock. It's been modified again since this video was made and now has tactical foregrip to stop you shooting your hand when cocking it.

      tactical crossbow pump action
      Am 14.06.2009 veröffentlicht
      shooting my ronan zombie with 11 shots 10 out of 11 aint bad shot
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      Und der hier ist wirklich ULTRA schnell:

      Ian Russell
      Am 02.01.2012 veröffentlicht
      The Chinese repeating crossbow was a masterpiece of functional design, made entirely from bamboo and other wood. It was widely used for centuries, right up to the 20th Century. Less powerful than the old European crossbow, but still powerful enough to kill. And just watch how fast it could shoot! I managed 10 shots in 8 seconds.