HFT Weltmeisterschaft

Fri, Jun 21st 2019, 10:00am - Sun, Jun 23rd 2019, 6:00pm

42-660 Kalety, Polen

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  • On behalf of the local group of the Polish Field Target Association (PFTA) HUNTER TEAM ŚLĄSK we cordially invite You to the two-day HFT World Championships to Poland. The shooting competition will take place in the city of Kalety-Zielona in the Silesia province on 22-23.06.2019.
    The competition will be conducted in accordance with the WHFTO regulations. There will be 2 courses with 40 stages each (1 target per stage). The sum of points from two days will select the winners in categories: Open, Recoiling, Ladies, Juniors, Veteran and National Teams. The person with the highest score will receive the title of World Champion.

    The maximum energy of fired bullet cannot exceed 16.3 J. The energy measurement will be carried out on the shooting courses and on the zero range. Both measurements will be saved on the score card.
    Participation in the championships is conditioned by correct completing the registration form and paying a fee of 60 euro (250 PLN) by bank transfer. Entries will be closed on 15.04 and starting fee is payable until the same date.






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